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  Public&Industrial Lighting  

AC new technology,

the latest in high quality,

High lumen efficiency,

high performance public.

  Office&Commerical Lighting  

State-of-the-art LED technology,

unique thermal management system,

wide variety of applications.

  Street Light  

Competitive cost, 

high reliability, 

smart control, 

toolless installation.


HML is a prestigious company specialized in lighting industry of China. It is a national certified hi-tech enterprise with a technical center which is one of the three national certified technical centers. HML trademark has been qualified to be China¡¯s well-known mark.
During the past two decades, HML has substantially contributed to development of China¡¯s green and energy saving lighting program. HML has continually won the biddings with its qualified products and services for several years in significant projects of spreading green and energy saving lighting products encouraged by the country, provided premium energy saving lighting products to consumers of the country, fulfilled its obligation of energy saving and emission reduction as a national enterprise.
Over the past few years, HML has been concentrated on LED lighting business, and constantly increased investment in branding, sales channels and building product lines. From 2014, HML has integrated funds, key human resources and marketing channels, to build a brand new business platform of marketing, R&D and manufacturing of smart lighting products.
At present, HML has four types of lighting products, including LED retrofit lamps, household LED luminaires, special LED luminaires and modules, and smart controllers. Through constant innovation and full concentration, HML is trying to become the most influential smart lighting company.
HML adheres to the core values of concentration, struggle, integrity and cooperation, takes the responsibility to innovate smart lighting and create smart future. With counterparts, partners and clients, HML will take national lighting brands to a new level.

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